Fundamental Skills

1. Seoi-otoshi - Shoulder drop

2. O-soto-gari - Major outer reaping


Performance Skills

1. Attacking and defending in free practice (Randori) with a co-operative partner

2. Selected combinations with Ko-uchi-gake (Minor inner hook) and Seoi-otoshi

3. Ippon-seoi-nage into Ko-uchi-gake

4. Armroll – Uke at side of Tori

5. Armroll – Uke in front of Tori


Player’s Choice: demonstrate three favourite techniques (waza) from the BJA Technical Grading Syllabus



Hikiwake - draw

Hantei - referee's decision


Contest Rules: two examples of grips against the contest rules for negative or safety reasons


NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from all previous gradings

Mon Grading Techniques

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