Fundamental Skills

1. Tsuri-komi-goshi - Drawing hip

2. O-goshi - Major hip

3. Ko-uchi-gari - Minor inner reaping


Performance Skills

1. O-uchi-gari into Ko-uchi-gari

2. Ko-uchi-gari into O-soto-gari/gake

3. O-uchi-gari countered by Tsuri-komi-goshi

4. Kesa-gatame “bridge-and-roll” escape

5. Escape into Kesa-gatame from between Uke’s legs


Randori: free practice with cooperative partner


Player’s Choice: Demonstrate two tachi-waza and one osaekomi-waza from BJA Technical Grading syllabus



O-soto-gari - Major outer reaping

Uke - Receiver (person receiving the technique), defensive or defending person

Tori - Person performing the technique, offensive or attacking person

Waza-ari-awasete-ippon - Complete point from 2 Waza-ari’s

and common English translation and meaning of Japanese terminology used in this section


Demonstrate: procedure of coming onto and leaving the mat


Contest Rules: give two examples of actions against the rules


NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from all previous gradings


Mon Grading Techniques

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