Fundamental Skills

1. Demonstrate alternatives to standard grips

2. Mae Ukemi - Falling forward breakfall / front breakfall

3. Ouchi-gari - Major inner reaping

4. Tate-shiho-gatame - Lengthwise four quarters hold


Performance Skills

1. Ouchi-gari into Tate-shiho-gatame

2. Tate-shiho-gatame escape using “bear hug roll”

3. Turnover into Mune-gatame: Uke on all fours

4. Demonstrate a light Randori (as Nage-komi on the move)


Player’s Choice

Demonstrate two favourite techniques



Randori - Free practice

Nage Komi - Repetitive throwing practice


Knowledge of translation and meaning of terminology used in this section

Give two examples of actions against the rules


NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from all previous gradings


Mon Grading Techniques

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