1. Tsurikomi-goshi - Drawing hip

2. O-goshi - Major hip

3. Seoi-otoshi - Shoulder drop

4. Morote-seoi-nage - Two handed shoulder throw

5. O-soto-gari - Major outer reaping

6. Ko-uchi-gari - Minor inner reaping

7. Ko-soto-gari - Minor outer reaping

8. Ko-soto-gake - Minor outer hook



1. Kesa-gatame “bridge escape”

2. Escape into Kesa-gatame from between Uke’s legs

3. Escape into Yoko-shiho-gatame from between Uke's legs

4. Turnover into Tate-shiho-gatame

5. Armroll with Uke at side of Tori

6. Armroll from the front of Uke (face to face)


Performance Skills

Combinations of throws

1. O-uchi-gari into Ko-uchi-gari

2. Ko-uchi-gari into O-soto-gari/gake

3. Ko-uchi-gari into Morote-seoi-nage

4. Ippon-seoi-nage into Ko-uchi-gari


5. O-uchi-gari countered by Tsurikomi-goshi

6. Tai-otoshi countered by Ko-soto-gari/gake

7. Any technique as a combination with Seoi-otoshi


Randori – light free practice (approx. 3 mins) with a co-operative partner. The examiner will expect to see a variety of waza and Kumi-kata and, if possible, throws to both

right and left sides.

 Personal Choice – demonstrate one ne-waza and two tachi-waza as combination, counter and transition into ne-waza


Knowledge of terms:

Shido - Light penalty (minor infringement)

Hiki-waki - Draw – referee’s announcement of a draw at end of contest

Uke - Receiver (person receiving the technique), defensive or defending person

Tori - Person performing the technique, offensive or attacking person

Hantei - Decision – referee’s call for corner judges decision at the end of a contest

Hansoku Make - Disqualification

Waza-ari-awasete-ippon - Complete point from 2 Waza-ari’s


Demonstrate referee’s signals: Matte Osae-komi Toketa Adjusting judogi


Demonstrate procedure for coming onto and leaving a mat


Give two examples of grips against contest rules for negative or safety reasons


Give two examples of actions (not grips) against the contest rules

NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from the previous grading

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