Fundamental Skills and Tachi-waza

1. Mae Ukemi - Falling forward breakfall / front breakfall

2. Tai-otoshi - Hand throw body drop

3. Ippon-seoi-nage - One armed shoulder throw

4. Ouchi-gari - Major inner reaping


Performance Skills

5. Yoko-shiho-gatame - Side four quarters hold

6. Kami-shiho-gatame - Upper four quarters hold

7. Tate-shiho-gatame - Lengthwise four quarters hold

8. Yoko-shiho-gatame escape (trap-bridge-roll)

9. Kami-shiho-gatame escape (action/re-action)

10. Tate-shiho-gatame escape (“bear hug” roll)



11. Tai-otoshi into Yoko-shiho-gatame

12. Ippon-seoi-nage into Kami-shiho-gatame

13. Ouchi-gari into Tate-shiho-gatame



14. Turnover into Kesa-gatame - Uke in “all fours” position

15. Turnover into Yoko-shiho-gatame - Uke in prone position

16. Turnover into Mune-gatame - Uke in “all fours” position


Randori – Demonstration of Nage-komi in easy Randori (free practice) with a co-operative partner - 2 minutes duration with each judoka throwing alternatively.

Grips – standard grip (right and left) and a few alternatives



1. Knowledge of Japanese terminology used for this grade

2. Give two examples of actions against contest rules


Personal Choice

Demonstrate two tachi-waza and two osae-waza from BJA Technical syllabus


NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from the previous grading


Kyu Grading Techniques

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