Fundamental Skills

1. Ushiro Ukemi - Rear breakfall

2. Osoto-otoshi - Major outer drop

3. Kesa-gatame - Scarf hold

Performance Skills

1. Osoto-otoshi into Kesa-gatame

2. Kesa-gatame escape by “trapping a leg”

 Player’s Choice

Demonstrate two of their favourite techniques (waza)



Ukemi - Breakfall

Tachi Waza - Standing techniques

Osae Komi Waza - Holding downs / pinning techniques

Ne Waza - Groundwork techniques

Uke - Receiver (person receiving the technique), defensive or defending

Waza - Technique

Rei - Bow

Hajime - Begin / start

Matte - stop

Judo - Gentle Way

Judoka - Judo player / person


Supplementary Knowledge

In which country was judo devised?   Japan

Mon Grading Techniques

Novice to 1st MON

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